Episode 99 Summer Lovin

On the needles–sweaters galore Talmah, Praline and very soon Vonica. What are you knitting?

In the garden–looking for relief from the moles/voles. Gonna have to look into getting this type of Euphorbia. How do you solve the problem of varmints?

Want to get inspired–check out The Good Life Project . The podcast can be found through iTunes. How are you inspired?

Are you spinning for Tour de Fleece? Check out my Instagram to see what I’m working on. Goal this year is to clean off bobbins and spindles. You?


Taking it on the road

Finally get the studio set up and away we go! Getting too hot here so we’ve set up the house sitter and we are taking dad to the coast to cool off. The next podcast will include sounds of the ocean and a few seagulls passing by.

Here I raved about how quiet things were. Perfect for recording…lol


Episode 98–The new set up

A new season, a new setup in a new studio space. Pretty excited about entering summer with you all. Listen along to hear about the latest goings on in my life.

Included is my soon to be teaching experience with iCreateFlix

And don’t miss signing up for the new Blue Moon Fiber Arts fiber club. let’s have a spin along!!


Episode 97–A life refocused

Excited to share this first podcast on the new site. A final time to have to subscribe to a new feed. This will be the happy and permanent home of the podcast.

In this episode I talk about life, travel, staying put, creative people and what is up with my little bit of Mt Hood.